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It's not too late to change your style

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

So you want to change your style, but you feel stuck in the style you've been rocking for the past 10+ years... it is never too late to make an update! Here's how to make a smooth transition.

I distinctly remember the first time I very intentionally made a style change. I was a senior in college and one of my professors walked in for our first day of class looking so put together. She'd paired a silk yellow top with a floral skirt and finished the look with a pair of Louboutin heels. I remember thinking she looked UNSTOPPABLE, and I wanted to look that way too. At twenty years old I was wearing ripped skinny jeans, sundresses and ballet flats.

I wanted to upgrade my style, but I felt like an imposter. Was I old enough to switch my style to something more professional?

Rather than staying in my style rut, I made a decision to push through the imposter syndrome and incorporate items I'd never worn before, like blazers, heels and button ups. Whether you're twenty or forty, you likely have wanted to switch up your style but didn't quite know how. Follow these steps.

Identify Your Current Style

If you had to pick a word for your current style, what would it be? There's a reason you no longer affiliate with it. Is it too frumpy? Too risqué? Too boho or edgy? What is your current style?

Once you've figured that out, think about what you do and do not love about your current style that's important for you to carry with you to your new style. If you're "too frumpy" maybe you still value comfort but want to elevate it. If it's "too risqué" perhaps you still want to feel sexy, but in a more palatable way. If you love black but don't want to look like a Hot Topic commercial, maybe we can maintain a primarily black color scheme, but swap out the chain jewelry for something more simple.

Determine Your Style Goals

Let's be honest, you're likely having this style epiphany due to some sort of outside influence. Whether it came from Pinterest, a TV show or the gram, you know what your goal style is... what is it?

Categorize your dream style to the best of your ability and start curating your inspiration. You can do this in the form of Pinterest, screenshots on your phone or even a printed moodboard.

Create Your Shopping List

Which items from your inspiration do you already own? Which pieces do you 100% need in order to create the wardrobe of your dreams? Make your list and check in twice! You can build this up over time. If you're going from "too risqué" to classic sexy, maybe we need to swap the 6" patent leather heels for a more classic style.

Hire a Personal Stylist

If you want to really nail your style change, complete the contact form on my website for one-on-one help! Together we can accomplish the new style you've been waiting to achieve!

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